Direct Input 1.1

Ventinizor 1.4

Since I know abort for a while now I'm happy to support his coding by adding it to my page hope it will work out for you, have fun with what he made.

DInput is written to change the use of Windows API coordinates (in games or applications) to Direct Input coordinates.

Direct Input has got the following advantages compared to Windows API coordinates:


  • No pointer ballistics (impossible cause of acceleration)
  • It's designed to work on high resolution mice (win coordinates aren't)
  • Faster (in theory)
  • Different and mostly smoother feeling
  • Because of the above reasons it mostly helps against negative acceleration

Default supported games:

  • Enemy Territory Enemy Territory (profilename: et)
  • RTCW Return to Castle Wolfenstein (profilename: rtcw)
  • Quake 3 - Arena Quake 3 (profilename: q3)
  • COD4 Call of Duty IV (profilename: cod4)
  • Quake 4 Quake 4 (profilename: q4) +
  • Quake 2 Quake 2 (profilename: q2) +
  • COD1 Call of Duty (profilename: cod) +
  • COD2 (profilename: cod2) +
  • Css Counterstrike Source (profilename: css) +
  • Enemy Territory : Quake Wars Enemy Territory Quake Wars (profilename: etqw) +

Make sure to read the readme to get it working.

+ Those games are untested but should be working if they use win32 mouse coordinates. If it doesn't work just add your own profile (instructions are in the readme).

Written in C++ by abort (c) 2008