Voicenizor 1.5

Voicenizor 1.5

Voicenizor: This program makes it possible for you to switch between the different voice programs thats being made. With this program you cannot only switch between Ventrilo's but also choose Teamspeak, Mumble or Skype.

  • Multiple Ventrilo's can be opened of the same type.
  • Only Ventrilo's of the same version can be opened at the same time this to keep your passwords saved.
  • Supports Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble and Skype

This program has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. Use on own risk.

Install Note: If you have an old Ventinizor installed, remember which ventrilo version you used last. If you never used ventrilo this won't apply. Now uninstall old version and install the new Voicenizor.


  • Use the new Ventrilo but also the old ones.
  • Possible to run more then one Ventrilo of same version.
  • Mumble included
  • Teamspeak included.
  • Skype included
  • Saves passwords of each Ventrilo
  • Load your current Ventrilo settings into Voicenizor

Changelog 1.2:

  • A first time wizard that will help you save your settings.
  • Backup your original settings and also load them back in.
  • Change in popup location of Ventinizor on screen (Multiple Screens).

Changelog 1.3:

  • Added Teamspeak.
  • Added some extra information for wizard.
  • Possible to open more vents of the same type.
  • Minimized to system tray where you can switch between version with right click.

Changelog 1.4:

  • Added TS3
  • Added Mumble
  • New interface for starting up the programs.
  • Fixed: Sometimes program didn't want to close.
  • Close button now means close and Minize button is minimize.
  • Removed Ventrilo 2.2.0
  • Shortcuts added for startup programs press one of the following numbers in Ventinizor, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Changelog 1.5:

  • Changed name from Ventinizor to Voicenizor this cause of the many voice programs added.
  • Changed save location of settings making it Windows 7 friendly
  • Updated Ventrilo to latest version
  • Updated Mumble to latest version
  • Updated Interface design
  • Added Skype
  • Changed highlight color of icons.

First Time Wizard:

  • What's the last used version - Select the version you used last, this will make sure the settings and passes get saved of the last used version.
  • Copy last used settings to all version - This will make sure you have the ip's and settings in all version, if not selected the ip's and settings will only be loaded into the Ventrilo version selected in question above. No need to do this when you switch from older ventinizor.
  • Backup last used Ventrilo settings - This will backup the settings of the Ventrilo selected 2 questions up.

If you find any bugs please report them.

Voicenizor, Copyright (C) 2008 - 2012 Mathijs "Lightning" Hoekstra Ventrilo copyright Flagship Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Teamspeak copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. All rights reserved. The Skype name, associated trade marks and logos and the "S" logo are trade marks of Skype.

Minimizor Version 2.0

Minimizor 2.0

Minimizor started out in minimizing only Quake related platforms but after several version updates minimizor 1.8 allowed for any DirectX or OpenGL application to be minimized.

The minimizor is helpful with games that by nature don't have a decent way of minimizing to the desktop. It supports any application that makes use of DirectX 5 to 11 or OpenGL.

This new version has been cleaned up a bit and has a more appealing look to it. Main changes to this version are the layout, moving location of the save files to your windows user profile, added support for directX 11 and fixed several bugs that had issue's with selecting the minimize keys.

If you run into more problems or got helpful tips let me know on twitter or on the contact page of idcation.

To use this program just start it up with no active application being focused using directX or OpenGL and set your hotkey, this can be done in the options menu. When you minimize the game you can get back to normal mode by pressing the same key or keys again.

Since version 1.8 it's possible to bind your minimize keys on Windows hotkeys like ALT + TAB, the order to make it minimize instead of giving you the Windows function goes like this:

  • Press first key
  • Release first key
  • Press second key
  • Release second key
  • Minimize detected.

This program has been tested on Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Install Note: Best is to uninstall old Minimizor and get a clean install of version 2.0, it's needed since this version saves the files on a different location. On a new install you have to setup your settings again in the minimizor options.

Minimizor, Copyright (C) 2007 - 2012 Mathijs 'Lightning' Hoekstra


  • You can change the Shortcut for minimizing.
  • You can set 1 to 3 keys for minimizing.
  • Automatic startup at windows if checked in options.
  • Automatic switches to the right game when minimizing.
  • Support multiple games.
  • Changes screen to desktop resolution when minimized.
  • Now and then checks for new version on start up.
  • Change windows gamma and reset gamma on game crash.
  • Keeps a history of the applications you minimized during one session.
  • Able to select an application from the current history list session and mini and maximize it again if application exists.



  • Fixed bug that caused one of the two checkboxes in options to always be unchecked on startup program.
  • Able to change state by clicking on the icon in taskbar. Options can be reached with right click on icon.
  • Changed the lookup time for pressing keys, it's put at a slower rate, this was done to in theory maybe save you from losing 1 fps :)
  • Added Games Cod2, Warsow, ChallengeQ3
  • After you set your key in options you can test if the key works, check checkbox and press the hotkey and see if color changes.
  • All games that run on HL1 or HL2 engine are supported (TF2, CS, CSS)
  • Added games: WOW, COD1, Doom3, MoHaa, FEAR
  • Version Check, popup will appear on new version
  • Fixed bug where you could close the minimizer while it had a game minimized.


  • Pressing keys for minimizing changed, you can press keys one at a time or all at ones.
  • TAB is now available in the key box.
  • The menu now pops up at the mouse cursor.
  • Able to set your Windows Gamma and reset gamma on game crash.
  • New button layout to make it a bit more clear.
  • Added Games: Stalker, Starwars Jedi Academic, Civ4, BF2, Quakelive, ioquake3.
  • Code optimizations.


  • Detecting all games that use opengl, or DirectX 5,6,7,8,9 and 10
  • Icons loaded from exe, saving memory when using minimizor
  • Memory usage when not using the options menu is now lower
  • LWin and RWin key cannot be used anymore for binding, Windows gives problems with doing that.
  • 2 different modes now for minimizing, one to icon and one to taskbar, certain games work better with one of the 2 modes.

V1.9 - V2.0

  • Added history of the applications you minimized during the session
  • Able to select application from current history list session and mini and maximize it again.
  • Remade the layout of the program.
  • Added a better and more visual version check
  • Removed all key shortcuts in program, they gave problems selecting the minimize keys
  • Rework on the test key window
  • Moved .ini files from program folder to user local settings folder
  • Added support for Directx 11
  • New update check system, now uses json instead of ini
  • Changed some details in the about page
  • Rewritten eula text for minimizor

Added but not enabled:

  • Added ads function
  • Ads get downloaded once a day if there are any
  • Ads only show as picture and can be clicked on for url.
  • Ads will be shown on minimize.


- I got the key ALT+Z assigned and now it closes my irc channels.

  • This can be stopped by going to Mirc options->Select Server->Others->Keys and unselect use ALT + Z to close active window. Or by pressing the new way which is possible since 1.7 by pressing the minimize keys one at a time.

- Will all games work with this?

  • If the application in question uses DirectX or OpenGL and it allows to be minimized then yes it will work.

- Why not ALT-Tab or Windows key?

  • Alt Tab makes the minimizing indeed easy, but restoring takes longer especially when you got a lot of screens open Windows key just makes you minimize but doesn't let you return Minimizor is the fasted way on minimizing and restoring and including being the easiest way. Since 1.8 you can also bind the Minimizor on ALT + TAB, pressing first ALT and after that TAB makes you minimize with Minimizor.

- When I press the keys it seems to enable Windows hotkeys

  • Since version 1.8 you can press keys one by one making Minimizor work without triggering Windows hotkeys.

- The game is already running please start the minimizor before your start the game.

  • Be sure that your active window isn't using DirectX or OpenGL, best is just to have your desktop with everything minimized to taskbar infront of you and start minimizor, or you can always let it start on Windows startup, check options in minimizor for that option.

Ventinizor 1.4

Ventinizor 1.4

Ventinizor: This program makes it possible for you to switch between the different voice programs thats being made. With this program you cannot only switch between Ventrilo's but also choose Teamspeak or Mumble.

  • Multiple Ventrilo's can be opened of the same type.
  • Only Ventrilo's of the same version can be opened at the same time this to keep your passwords saved.