Background information about idcation

  • CEO: Mathijs "Lightning" Hoekstra
  • Country:
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

The reason why this site has been made is the following, over the years I have gotten a lot of ideas to work out and in the year 2007 I decided to get an area on the internet to publish some of the ideas and work done in the IT side of life.

Even though the file with ideas is still pretty long and not worked out yet in any code I did manage to finally start on one idea and that was the minimizor.

With the minimizor needed to be tested I decided to get a website which I was planning on doing for some time already. But got postponed because of not having a finished idea yet.

The problem was getting a name and after having tested 50 names and trying to find what .com's were still available I ended up with idcation, which also had the thought of ideas in the name.

Another reason was that I was busy making websites for others which took time since I wanted to learn some new things and create a nice Object Oriented coded website.

The concept I was using for making a website got replaced in 2010 when I decided to rewrite the old structure into a MCV concept. The MCV concept is now the base of every site I'm making since it's very flexible and easy to change code when needed.

So this all comes down to a site were I can publish my ideas and motivate on starting on the many other ideas that are laying around.

If you want reference to previous work scoll down, I'm keeping a list of all the programs and websites been made.


  • Minimizor: Minimizor A program to minimize certain games, this is wanted by a lot of people because they would like to switch between game and some other program like msn, irc etc.

  • Ventinizor: Ventinizor A program that has several different types of the external programs bundled. These programs are voice programs and with the help of my program you can switch easily between them without losing passwords.



  • vandemonnikenhoeve.nl 2006 (inactive)




  • charityforclarity.be (2008) (inactive)